Things to take note when purchase floral gift for hospital patients

  • Apr, 16 , 19
  • PS Floral Atelier

Things to take note when purchase floral gift for hospital patients

For flower delivery to hospitals, we need to take note on choice of flower selections. Just in case, it may cause allergies to the patients in treatment. 

For many, allergies can be more than just a nuisance. Instead of fresh air and new beginnings, those with allergies see springtime as the onset of wheezing, sniffling, itchy, watery eyes, and general discomfort. Allergies can really take a strain on your lifestyle – especially if you love flowers.  Fortunately, there are floral alternatives for those who are allergic to common springtime blooms.

While many flowers are aggravating for allergy sufferers, there are just as many that can liven their garden or home space without irritating their senses.  And, no they’re not made from silk or plastic!

Here are a few of hypoallergenic flowers to consider for those flower-loving folks with seasonal allergies.


The hydrangea is one of our faves. We use it in some of our best Bouqs–its big, bushy blossoms are especially loveable for their ability to look great with just about any flower, but they’re also a real boon for allergy sufferers. The flowers come in a range of springy hues–blue, purple, pink, and white–and pack a real solid punch when it comes to your decorating game.


Orchids, of course, do have pollen. However, they’re one of the most hypoallergenic flowers out there. The delicate flowers have a sticky powder, so it’ll take more than a bit of wind to push that dust into the air. Instead, orchid pollen just sits there, waiting for a pollinator, like a bee, to come and take it away.

In the meantime, the pollen remains intact, concealed inside tiny pollen pouches. While orchids present some challenges, care-wise, their ability to hang onto their pollen makes it worth the extra effort.


Okay, fine. It is possible to be allergic to tulips. Spring is the time when the broadest range of tulips is available, but many varieties are available all year long. Like lilies, some varieties are pollen-free, while others can be made pollen-free by trimming the tips of each stamen.


Roses are definitely at the top of our list. They’re easy to find, they come in a million different colors, and save for Valentine’s day, they’re pretty darn affordable.

What’s more, roses don’t bother most allergy sufferers. A word to the wise, you may want to avoid certain varieties — the strong scent can trigger headaches in people sensitive to strong smells. Still, most commercially grown roses have minimal fragrance and will look great in your home without making a stink.