Plant Hotel

Plant Hotel is a service hotel for plants. The core service of Plant Hotel is to ensure that we can help the owner take general care of the plant when needed. Plant hotel provides full-board hotel service for plants, including general care, medication treatment, repot, providing love and attention to them. All plants are given personal treatment tailored to suit their need, including water, light, spraying, pruning and more.



Plant hotel charges (by size)

Plant care charges counted by day and size (Especially when you are away from home needs help to take care of your little greens.)

XS (Height: +/- 1~15cm) – RM0.80/day

S (Height: +/- 16~30cm) – RM1.80/day

M (Height: +/- 31~50cm) – RM2.80/day

L (Height: +/- 51~90cm) – RM3.80/day

XL (Height: +/- 91cm~150cm) – RM4.80/day

 *size above 150cm to be quoted separately


Medication Charges

*plant size up to 150cm

- Flowering Medication (Liquid Foliar) 80ml/1time= RM3.50

- Fungus Medication 80ml/1time= RM3.50

- Orchid Flowering Medication 80ml/1 time= RM3.80

- Orchid Vitamin Medication 80ml/1 time= RM4

 *size above 150cm to be quoted separately


Repot Service Charges (by size)

XS (Height: +/- 1~15cm) - RM10

S (Height: +/- 16~30cm) - RM20

M (Height: +/- 31~50cm) - RM35

L (Height: +/- 51~90cm) - RM70

XL (Height: +/- 91cm~150cm) - RM90

*additional soil will be charged

*size above 150cm to be quoted separately


Trimming Service (by size)

XS (Height: +/- 1~15cm) - RM2

S (Height: +/- 16~30cm) - RM4

M (Height: +/- 31~50cm) - RM8

L (Height: +/- 51~90cm) - RM16

XL (Height: +/- 91cm~150cm) - RM35

*size above 150cm to be quoted separately 


Terms and Conditions
1. RM10 admission fees. Balance amount will be returned upon discharged.

2. Our business hours: 10 am – 7 pm Tuesday to Sunday. All check-in and check-out time must be before 7 pm and after 10am.

3. If you are late to pick up, you will be charged for the next day stay.

4. We urge your understanding that plant may be affected on its conditions each time when change of living environment.

5. Upon signing of discharge form, it claims that customer accept the plant condition at that point of time. Any return service required will involve additional charges as new case.

6. The company reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, add, or remove portions of these terms at any time by posting the amended terms.

7. Sign below to indicate that you have read and agree to the terms presented in the terms and conditions agreement.


Please contact us for assistance if needed:

+6017-750 6095