Plant Care Instructions 植物保养方法

Different plant require different care, let’s go through the plant care guide.

不同种类的植物有不同的照顾方法, 让我们一起来了解。

1)The right amount of water that plant need depends on your plant type and the size of container.


Potting soil must always kept moist but not wet. Before each watering, you can reach into the soil with your hand to feel the humidity. If the soil is too wet, stop watering for 4-5 days, only proceed to the next watering.

泥土必须保持在湿润的情况下,而不是潮湿。在每一次浇水之前,可以用手伸进泥土感受湿度,如果泥土太过潮湿,可以停止浇水4-5天, 再进行下一次浇水。

2) Get the right timing to water your plant. 选择适合的时间给植物浇水。

Water the plant late evening or early morning. This gives plant time to absorb the water and get ready to handle heat and cold.


3)Give sufficient sunlight to plant but not direct sunlight and rotate them once in a while. Plant will lean towards the sun, so rotating them will help them to stand up straight. 必须给予植物足够的阳光但不能直射阳光,偶尔转换植物的位子因为植物会靠向阳光生长,转换植物的位子可以让它们更好的生长。


How frequent to water them? 多久帮植物浇一次水?

(Measurement included plant and pot) 测量包括植物和花盆


Indoor Plant 室内植物 

XS(Height:+/- 1¬15cm) = 15ml (6-7 days once)

S  (Height:+/- 15¬30cm) = 50ml (6-7 days once)

M (Height:+/- 31¬50cm) = 100ml (6-7 days once)

L (Height: +/- 51-90cm) = 125ml (6-7 days once)

XL (Height: +/- 91¬150cm) = 150ml (6-7 days once)


Succulent 多肉植物

XS(Height:+/- 1¬15cm) = 15ml (6-7 days once)

S  (Height:+/- 15¬30cm) = 25ml (6-7 days once)

M (Height:+/- 31¬50cm) = 50ml (6-7 days once)


Air Plant 空气植物

Spray water to it 2-3 days once.


Soak it into water a week or 2 weeks once about 5-10 mins.



Additional Tips 额外养护提示:

All plants have different likes and dislikes but the most important components to consider are water, light, temperature and humidity: 
  • Alternating periods of drought and flood can play havoc on a plant’s root system. As a general rule, most plants like having their roots consistently moist, but not wet.                                                                                      干旱和潮湿的交替期会对植物的根部造成破坏。大多数的植物都喜欢湿润但不潮湿。
  • Provide the right light. It may be a case of trial and error to find out if your plant is receiving the right amount of light, but as a general rule, most houseplants are tropical plants that flourish in indirect sunlight.                提供正确的光线。可以反复的去试验找出植物是否得到适量的阳光。但一般来说,大多数室内植物都是在间接阳光下繁盛的热带植物。
  • Avoid placing plants in spots with particularly high or low temperatures, such as next to heat or air conditioning ducts, between curtains and a frosty window, or on top of a television or microwave.                               避免将植物放置在高温或低温的地方,例如靠近冷气或空调管道的地方;窗帘和窗户之间;电视或微波炉的上面。
  • Air conditioners can be very drying – treat your plant to a little extra humidity with a daily spritz of mist.                                                             冷气非常干燥所以可以进行每天喷洒一点薄雾,让植物多一点的湿度。