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Joyous Moments Congratulatory Flower Stand

$280.00 MYR

Materials: - Gebera - Lily - Rose - Eustoma   Size: Height: +/-180cm Width: +/-120cm

Wildmix Dry Flower Display

$230.00 MYR

Size: Height: +/- 30cm Width: +/- 35cm

Well Wishes Congratulatory Flower Stand

$300.00 MYR

May your new venture get you closer to your dreams. As well bloom as the flowers, as vibrant as it is. Materials: - Gerbera - Rose - Hydrangea - Anthurium - Carnation - Sweet William - Monstera...

Chic-looking Dry Flower Box (Size S, M, L)

$190.00 MYR

Box Size: S: 17x14cm M: 20x17cm L: 23x19.5cm

Sweet Love Vase Flower

$300.00 MYR

Size: Height: +/- 30cm Width: +/- 35cm *including glass vase

Pom Pom Counter Congratulatory Flower

$188.00 MYR

Size:  Height: +/-60cm Width: +/-40cm *mixture of fresh flowers will be used

Better Days Artificial Counter Flower

$230.00 MYR

Materials: - Mix of Grade A artificial flower Size: Height: +/- 32cm Width: +/- 35cm

Best Time is Now Congratulatory Flower Stand

$300.00 MYR

Materials: - Gerbera - Yellow Peacock - Murata Leafs   Size: Height: +/-190cm Width: +/-100cm *Size L as photo

Spread Seeds of Happiness Table Flower

$260.00 MYR

Materials: - Sunflower - Spray Rose - Alstroemeria - Rose Size: Height: +/- 25cm Width: +/- 35cm

Cheers Table Flower Stand

$150.00 MYR

Symbolic meaning of the Gerbera daisy is purity and positive perspectives. By its appearance, it is perky, happy looking flower. It brings good luck and fortune to a new beginnings. Materials: - Gerbera - Spray...

Oriental Congratulatory Flower Stand

$350.00 MYR

Our sincere wishes to your new business venture! May your business blossom in the years to come. Materials: - Hydrangea - Rose - Gerbera - Eustoma - Japanese Bamboo - Sweet William - Spray Carnation...

Shine Congratulatory Flower Stand

$380.00 MYR

Dream big, Sparkle more, Shine bright. Materials: - Orchid - Lily - Gerbera - Eustoma - Monstera - Palm Leaf - Long Leaf Height: +/-180cm *color theme can be customised *size as photo shown

Showing 1 - 12 of 110 item(s)