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Airplant Night Bed Macrame Planter

$40.00 MYR

Size: Height: +/- 28cm Width: +/- 12cm *photo is for illustration purpose only #selection of airplant design subject to seasonal availability

Angel Ivy Potted Plant (with fiber pot)

$35.90 MYR

Size:  Height: +/-16cm Width: +/- 16cm

Appreciative Artificial Flower Arrangement

$650.00 MYR

Materials: * using Grade A Imported Artificial Flower Size: Height: +/- 50cm Width: +/- 45cm

Appreciative Imported Flower Basket

$450.00 MYR

Size: Height:+/- 52cm Width: +/- 45cm

Artificial Counter Flower Arrangement

$250.00 MYR

Size: Height: +/-50cm Width: +/-40cm

Bai Feng succulent

$90.00 MYR

Bai Feng succulent

$90.00 MYR

Care Instructions: - Place the potted succulent in airy location (not necessary with air-con) - Water every 4-5 days once (every time 15ml each plant) Size: Height: +/- 13cm Width: +/-  12cm

Better Days Artificial Counter Flower

$230.00 MYR

Materials: - Mix of Grade A artificial flower Size: Height: +/- 32cm Width: +/- 35cm

Blossom Artificial Flower Arrangement

$460.00 MYR

Size: (including vase)  Height: +/- 45cm Width: +/- 48cm

Blossom Memory Dry Flower Box

$170.00 MYR

Size:  Height: +/-28cm Width: +/- 30cm

Showing 1 - 12 of 115 item(s)